Obedience The Way You Can Show Your Faith In God Who Forms Something New From Your Brokenness(Deut 6:5; Jere 18:4).

Sovereign God, obedience is one way that I can show my faith in You. Teach me how to be a more obedient servant. Fill my heart with the perfect love you’ve shown me. Teach me what it looks like to offer every part of myself—heart, soul, and strength—to You.
You’re the Potter and I’m the clay. Mold me as You wish. Remind me that I’m in Your skilful and caring hands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pray For Faithful Living Through Temptation And To Grow In Wisdom And Knowledge(1cor 10:13; Prov 1:5)

      Almighty God, because I know Your Son Jesus, sin doesn’t have control over my life. But because the world isn’t yet fully restored, I still find myself tempted. Your Word says that You will provide a way through temptation. Thank You! Please help me see a way out of temptation and the courage to say “no” to things that could harm me. I want to faithfully follow You at all times.

         Please continue to open my mind and heart to grow in knowledge and wisdom as I read from the Scripture,especially at this pandemic period extending to omicron worldwide. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Every Good Thing Comes From God, Constantly Grow In Relationship With Him(James 1:17; 1Ptr 3:18).

        Sovereign God, thank You for never changing. You are reliable and trustworthy. Everything You give is a blessing and a gift. Thank You for being my source of strength, comfort, and provision. Every good thing I have is because of You! Thank You for walking along with me as I grow in my relationship with You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Christ The Source Of My True Deep Desire(1Cor 3:17; Mk 10:51).

       Sovereign God, thank You for being my source of freedom! Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, I can experience Your eternal presence—and nothing can separate me from You. Your death and resurrection created a way for me to live a life that’s defined by Your freedom. So today Lord, please show me that You are near. Create in me a deep desire to draw closer to You at all times.

       Help me to bring my desires to you. What I am ultimately seeking can only be satisfied by what only You can provide. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

God Is Great And Holy, He Will Give Us The Strength To Overcome Sin(Isam 2:2; Heb 12:1).

       Holy God, there is no one like You! There is no one equal to You! You are our refuge and strength, and You alone are worthy of our worship. Today, help me to lead the way in praising You. I want to tell of Your greatness and strength to everyone around me.

        Give me the strength to overcome the sin in my life. Help me trust in Your power rather than my own and lead me on the right path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Desire To Seek God, Fear Not Even At Pandemic Critical Period(Psalm 119:2; Deut 31:8).

Sovereign God, Your instructions are pleasant because they draw me closer to You. Your commands are good because You want what’s best for me. If I ever get tired of obeying You, please remind me of this and show me the joy that is found in Your presence. Fill me with a deep desire to seek You.

You are always ready to hear us, help us to see how much You love us. n Jesus’ name, Amen.

God Is Love, Be Strong And Take A Heart To Wait For Jesus His Son(1John 4:15; Phil 3:20).

 Dear Jesus, thank You for giving me the opportunity to live eternally with You. I know I don’t deserve Your forgiveness for my mistakes, but I am so grateful You accept me no matter what I’ve done. I love You so much, Lord—thank You for loving me.     Please help me to be strong and take heart and wait for You(Psalm 27:14). Amen

God Will Turn Your Pain Into Joy, And You Will Find Joy In The The Tasks Before You)Psalm 126:5; Eccl 1:9;

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son. Because Jesus lived as one of us, I know that no matter what I’m feeling, You understand. Help me fully feel my emotions, and still trust You with the outcome. Please fulfil the promise of Your Word and turn my hurt into joy.

Thank You for giving value to the ordinary activities of life. Help us to find joy in the tasks before us today. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Soften My Heart And Renew My Spirit Looking At The Creative Hand Behind The Creation Even At This Pandemic Period(Ezekiel 36:26; Prov 15:10-12;

Heavenly Father, create a clean heart in me. Help me remember how joyful I felt when You first saved me, and renew my spirit. Soften my heart—for You, and towards anyone I’ve been holding bitterness against.

           Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues, help me to humble myself as You will lift me up. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Let Your Heart Be Fully Committed, Relax And Trust God(Ii 16:9; John 14:24,27).

 O God, may You strengthen our hearts that we might be fully committed to You. Teach me, Jesus, to trust Your faithfulness, to know Your presence, to experience Your peace—to relax.

         Grant hat we learn to harness the power of our tongue and use it to do the greatest possible good in Jesus Name