Forgive As God Forgives, Keep Trusting Him(Matth 5:44; Isam 24:12).

Merciful God, I forgive them: the people who’ve caused me pain … the people who’ve wronged and betrayed me. I forgive them, because You forgave me. Please bless those people, Lord. Transform their lives and bless them like You have blessed me.

Please help me trust You to determine how justice prevails. Thank You for making me a part of the Body of Christ in the world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Always Remember That God Is Ever Faithful And Generously Loved Us(Psalm 77:11-12; Rev 5:9),

       Compassionate God, thank You for showing Yourself faithful and true. You always keep Your promises. So today, I will remember all that You’ve done and praise You for who You are. You are faithful, You are trustworthy, and You still continue to do wonderful things. There is no one like You!

         I thank You that no people or group is excluded from Your great love. Teach us to truly love one another,as You have so generously loved us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

God, Guard Our Hearts And Build Our Hope On “Eternal Glory (Prov 4:23; 2Cor 4:18).

Jesus, thank You for loving me unconditionally. Thank You for coming to earth to rescue us. I want to love You the way that You love me. I know that this isn’t easy. I know that this will cost me something. But I want You to be first in my life. So please show me how to guard my heart, and teach me how to become more like You.

        I lift my eyes to You today Oh God, give me a glimpse of the security I have in You.

Have A Changed Perspective, Repent And Live(Phil 2:5; Ezekiel 18:27).

Jesus, You showed me what true humility should look like. Thank You for Your kindness and grace toward me. Please show me how to have the same attitude toward others as You had toward me. Teach me to love people unconditionally and sacrificially—for Your glory, and their good.

        Father God, thank You for making me aware of my sinful behaviour through Your Holy Spirit. Soften my heart to receive Your forgiveness. Amen.

Let Your Whole Life Revolve Around Jesus, He Provides Our Spiritual And Physical Needs(Rom 8:6; Matth 14:14).

         Compassionate God, thank You for the gift of Your Spirit. Your Spirit is always with me, shaping my character. Today, I want to make an intentional decision to trust You by allowing Your Spirit to guide me. Please change the way I think and act so that my whole life revolves around You.

         Thank You for meeting my spiritual and physical needs. Help my thankfulness to overflow in the world so that I can glorify You through caring for other people. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

God Is Worthy Of All Praise, Commit Your Ways To Him (Rev 4:11; Psalm 1:6)

       Almighty God, You are worthy of all my praise, and You created me to praise You! So please show me how to worship You in all that I do. When people look back on my life, I want them to give You glory. So please teach me how to make my life an act of worship.

        Give me the grace to turn away from the things leading me down the wrong path. Lead me to the river of Your presence and nourish me with the Scriptures. Make my life faithful and fruitful for Your honour. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Change The Way You Think, Rejoice In God’s Gift Of Peace(2Cor 7:10; Luk 2:29-30).

        Sovereign God, thank You for showing me mercy, grace, and kindness. It’s Your kindness that draws me to repentance. Today, I am choosing to surrender areas of my life that are pulling me away from You. Please change the way I think and act so that I might draw closer to You and Your good plans for my life.

         Thank You for Jesus, Your gift of peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Seek Grace, Love Mercy, Focus On God’s Big Story In The Bible(Micah 6:8; Lk 3:23).

        Dear God, please show me how to love You and Your people. Align my heart with Your will, and help me to make decisions that bring You glory and honour. Help me to see myself accurately so that way I can love others fully. Show me how to show justice and mercy to those who need it—because those are actions that delight You and show that I am Your child.

        Help us to find Your grace everywhere we look. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

God Will Declutter My Life With His Open Arms(John 15:2; 1Sam 22:7).

Sovereign God, You know everything about me. You know the areas of my life that have potential—but are being held back by broken habits and belief systems. Please bring clarity and healing to my life by cutting away anything that is cluttering or destroying my heart and mind. Transform me so that way I continue to bear healthy fruit.

     I am grateful you’re always my secure place to land. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Teach Us How To Love, The Amazing Skill God Gives Us And Great Beauty Of Creation Are Ample Reasons(1Cor 13:7; Psalm 139:14).

          Compassionate God, please show me how to align my life with Your love. I want to radiantly display who You are to the world around me. Draw me closer to You so that I may look more like You. Teach me how to love like You by protecting, trusting, hoping, and persevering on behalf of other people.

          How wonderful You are, God! I see Your Fingerprints everywhere. Thank You for all You’ve made. In Jesus’ name, Amen